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The application of our BADASS ONE ADHESIVE requires a well-trained, experienced lash stylist to perform the procedure. They had to tape their client’s bottom lashes down and make sure that their client’s eyes are FULLY shut during the application procedure. They had to clean their client’s lashes to make sure they are free of makeup, oil, dirt, and debris which can cause allergic reactions. They also need to place a small table fan beside their clients to blow air across, and away from their client's eyes during the procedure. And it is also ESSENTIAL to patch test the adhesive on clients who are sensitive or reactive.

Note: We recommend our customers check out our NIKKI LASH SENSITIVE+ Adhesive. It has no fume, no odor, and non-irritating. It’s specially formulated to remove all ingredients that cause irritation, fumes, or odor. Hence the bonding (hold) time is 2.5 weeks (the retention is not as long as this glue), and the sets (dry) time is a little longer than our other adhesives, at 10 seconds. But it works perfectly for clients who otherwise can't wear lash extensions.


Importance: We strongly recommend all Lash Professionals to use our Green Tea or Rose lash primer to prepare the surface of the natural lashes for a better bond, and cleaning the natural lashes to removing any extra proteins or oils.
If the air in your office is too dry, the glue might take too long to set, resulting in the lashes clumping together. To avoid these issues, I would recommend you to consider investing in a humidifier (or dehumidifier) and a humidifier gauge. The adhesive works ideally at around 40%-60% humidity.

Also, another sure way to help eliminate irritation is to use the LEAST amount of adhesive possible. You only need 2 or 3 drops of glue on the jade stone to do one touch-up. This will make the lashes last longer because the adhesive will dry completely and provide more flexibility in the lashes.

We recommend using nano mister on all of your clients. I am sure that your clients will enjoy it throughout the application. It also helps dry each layer faster and completely as you put on the lashes. This also helps eliminate any burning sensation and a lot of irritation that may take place during the appointment or afterward.

Also, shake the adhesive well before use, about 30-60 seconds. If you don’t shake it enough, then the first drop will be incredibly high in fumes and could cause your clients to react, and lashes don’t stay on as long as it should. Similar to nail polish, the glue separates significantly. I even shake it between new drops of glue.

You should also replace with a fresh new bottle within five weeks once opened, and up to 6 months of an unopened bottle. The reason is that the adhesive polymerizes over time and creates an uneven consistency hence making it longer to dry, and the glue would lose its effectiveness once it is opened for more than six weeks.

 Shelf Life and Storage Precautions.

Wipe clean nozzle with a clean cloth prior closing the cap.

Store NIKKILASH BADASS ONE in the resealable package with the silica gel (included) to help preserve freshness. DO NOT put the glue in the fridge once opened.

Keep NIKKI LASH BADASS ONE ADHESIVE eyelash extension glue at room temperature in DRY, DARK, COOL area of your office.

NIKKI LASH BADASS ONE ADHESIVE is designed to work at its best, at 66F-73F and with the humidity level between 30-50%.


Avoid getting lashes wet within 24 hours of application, the glue will not have had time to fully cure as this takes up to 24 hours.

Avoid coming in contact with intense heat sources: heat curlers, hair dryer, fires, or BBQ's.

Recommend your clients to use the oil-free face wash, and oil-free cosmetic to avoid breaking down the bonding agent of the extensions. 

Always use the lint-free wand or a clean mascara wand to clean, and groom lashes daily.

We hope that the above information will help you maximize your experience with NIKKI BRANDS' products, and please leave us a comment if you have any questions or comments. We love to hear from you.

We appreciate the time you took to read these tips. Thanks for being an Awesome customer!

Deanna K. at NIKKILASH


P.S. please, check out our NIKKI LASH BADASS SENSITIVE and NIKKI LASH BADASS SENSITIVE+ glues if you have clients with sensitive or extremely sensitive eyes.